Instagram Outfit Round-Up

Instagram Outfit Round-Up

Hey guys! Sorry for the temporary hiatus, summer living and loving has given my little time to blog! I’m sure most of you have noticed that I’ve been a lot more active on Instagram, which will likely continue since it’s simpler and faster. Come fall I’ll be grinding back into gear full time, but today I’m doing a little round up of outfits I’ve posted there. While most of the exact things I’m wearing in the photos are no longer available, I’ll be linking similar items to recreate the outfits!


Last weekend we were in New Braunfels for a concert and decided to stop in and see what all the hype around the Gristmill restaurant was all about. Y’all, it did not disappoint! I had a bomb chicken pasta salad that was probably a portion meant for four people, but I devoured every bite……

I’d been searching for an event for my favorite embroidered skirt, and last weekend was perfect.  This skirt is identical and under $35, but I’m also really loving this one that has a bit more French flair. The tank and the shoes have been live-in pieces for me this summer and are under $20! Y’all know I’m a big fan of 70’s pieces to spice up my outfits, so it comes as no surprise that my favorite summer sunglasses are these retro round frames!


One of our favorite places to grab a good cup o’ joe in Austin is definitely Mozart’s on the lake.  This jumpsuit is perfect for summer coffee dates or errand running, or never taking off–which is basically what I’ve done since the day I bought it….. I’ll be honest with you guys, this jumpsuit was a back of the rack, crazy clearance steal from Old Navy and I’m now convinced that it was literally the only one made because I cannot find it ANYWHERE!  I’ve found a couple of great replacements here and here, as well as this awesome one that I may or may have not just purchased–oops!  I’m loving the return of espadrilles this year, and personally stalked this pair for months.  I’m happy to report to you guys that they’re now less than $15– so go snatch a pair for yourself!


This dress, guys.  It’s sooo comfortable and so flattering.  My sweet work friend Sadi gave me this one, but I’ve linked a couple of other great ones here, and here! While I’ve been searching for other options for you guys, I’ve seen a ton of maternity versions and I’m thinking(this may be crazy) that if you size down no one would even know the dress is maternity…. Apparently, pom pom necklaces are super easy to make, but if you’re lazy like me there are tons listed on Etsy.  You can get just about any color your heart desires and they’re cheap, y’all!


REPEAT OFFENDER on this get-up, guys.  This might truly be the shirt I’ve worn most in my life.  If you’re a mega nerd like me, or even just casually obsessed with Game of Thrones– get yo’self this shirt.


Are there any other Insta-outfits you guys are just dying for the details on?? I’d love to hear about it, and then share what I can! Hope you all have a sparkling Sunday.




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