Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites


In the words of one of my favorite podcast, “What a week!”–am I right? I LOVE the celebrating Independence Day and this year was even sweeter.  I was able to spend FOUR whole days in Austin with my love!  I haven’t previously addressed this but for the past month(ish) we’ve been doing a little distance tango, and y’all it’s hard not to see his face every day.  Below you’ll find a little recap of our extended weekend and festivities.


We kicked off the weekend in Corpus Christi at a little gathering hosted by Mr. Andrew, Mr. Jay’s older brother. Above you’ll see that they started off with a game of grilling brats….there may have been a small fire

I ate waayyyyy too much cake and brats….


We discovered why George Clooney’s tequila company sold for a billion dollars….


And ended the evening on another fiery note.

In the middle there was an epic day-date consisting of a stop by The Mean Eyed Cat, absolutely delicious bites at El Arroyo and a viewing of It Comes At Night, which we both LOVED!


We rounded out the Fourth with a crazy spin around Austin(only Mr. Jay could make a Favor shift my favorite part of the weekend), and seeing fireworks from the car.  How was you fourth??





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