Monday Muse: Amal Clooney

Monday Muse: Amal Clooney

The actual title of this inaugural edition of this new weekly post should definitely be “Monday Muse: Amal Clooney, or How I Became Obsessed With Her Style Because my Boyfriend’s Mother Thinks We Look Alike.” Wow, what a mouth full! So, I stuck with the shortened version….

Happy Monday to you all! I’ve been contemplating a weekly post where I give you guys little snippets of my style inspiration, and it seems natural that my latest obsession would be a great place to start. A few weeks ago, Mr. Jay’s mom told him how much she thought I look like Amal Clooney. Of course, I immediately started stalking Amal’s style and guys It.Is.Killer! Classically feminine with pops of fun patterns everywhere–what’s not to love? Below I’ve selected my top ten Amal Clooney looks, and believe you me, it was NOT easy to choose just ten!

**Disclaimer: I do not think I look like the stunning Mrs. Clooney, but what a compliment!

amal1amal2amal3amal4amal5BRITAIN-MALDIVES-POLITICS-DIPLOMACYamal7George and Amal Clooney enjoy a casual lunch at PalmsAmal Clooney does dinner at Roka restaurant in London **USA ONLY**Amal10


If you’re anything like me, you definitely see a style worth emulating. Very often, we find ourselves looking at style alone, and once we find out more about a person who’s seen as a fashion ideal, there can sometimes be nothing more than a pretty face–if you know what I mean.  Mrs. Clooney is highly successful in her own right as a renowned human rights lawyer in the UK.  Looks like Mr. Clooney is the lucky one, and this ultra-chic lady is someone we’d be happy for girls to look up to.

As a parting gift, I’ll leave you guys a little glimpse of Amal’s wedding weekend style. Believe me, it will leave you dreamy eyed!







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