The Little Yellow Dress

The Little Yellow Dress


In truth, I’ve never been a big fan of yellow.  As I’m certain you’ve all noticed, some variation of yellow has been the ‘it’ color for the past few seasons, and I have not been on board……until this dress. Also, the angle of my hat in this shot makes me feel like Carmen SanDiego–score!


This dress from Old Navy is to die for, guys.  It’s a linen blend which is perfect for those sultry summer days and nights.  I’ve recently started to gather items for my trip to Mexico in May and this sweet dress jumped straight to the top.


This hat was my first purchase for Mexico and I cannot stop wearing it, even though the trip is over a month away! Mr. Jay’s dad has a go-to Panama that I love, so he inspired me to get one of my own. This exact hat is under $20, and is SPF 50–I’m all about protecting my face from sun damage! I’m loving the added boho feel of a pair of jute espadrilles like this great pair from Target!

What colors are y’all loving for Spring/Summer? I’d love to hear about your favorites–I can always use a little extra inspiration! Thanks for reading and Happy Saturday!




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