Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Hello world! Please excuse my recent absence, you guys know the drill–life, am I right?? There’s no better way to jump back in than a round of Friday Favorites, so here are the top five things I’ve been loving from the past three weeks! (Yikes! I hate being away from y’all for that long😑)

I’ve mentioned to y’all previously that one of mine and Mr. Jay’s favorite things is to see the classic shown by TCM in theaters each month. This month was the Hitchcock great North by Northwest and you guys–it did NOT disappoint! Surprisingly, this was my first time to see this film and I’m so happy it was on the big screen. If you’ve never treated yourself to this dose of Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint, do so ASAP! 
This little baby came in the mail and motivated me to start compiling summer worthy pieces for my upcoming girls’ trip to Mexico! Stay tuned for future posts with buying details and sales scoops!

My work friend Sadi gave my the low-down on this site and we are addicted! Seriously guys, has the new healthy AND delicious recipes. In the past two weeks, we’ve tried the Swedish meatballs, scones and Mexican lasagna and devoured all of each. Can’t thank Sadi or the site creator Alyssia enough–check it out for your dinner tonight! 


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