Boho Vibes{or the sub-title of my life}

Boho Vibes{or the sub-title of my life}

Y’all, I am a free spirit. Not in the weird way that a lot of people my age are, where they are into certain things that are trendy, or in the gross way where I don’t shower(30 minute showers are my forte).  I suppose the modern term is ‘hipster” and believe me, Mr. Jay and I get that allll the time.  Simply put, I don’t see myself as a hipster because to me, hipsters only care about doing something or wearing something because someone else will see them doing it. That just isn’t me{or us}.  All of the classics books I read, and oddball science-fiction we watch and quirky cafes or restaurants?? We genuinely love them.  I care too much about the clothing I wear to be a hippy, and I’ve always really identified as a more of a Beat. All of that said, it comes as no surprise that I love a good Boho look.  “Festival Wear” is the current term, and my parents still say ‘hippie clothes”, but after around a decade of various themed outfits–I’d say it’s pretty normal for me.


Ok, maybe the Topo Chico is a little bit hipster….

The kimono trend has been going strong for a few years now, and I, for one, am over the moon about it.  This exact kimono has been with me for about two years, so it’s likely only available from the deep reaches of EBay.  The good news is that I’ve found several other options(all currently hanging out in my own online cart) AND if you’re in or around the Stephenville are–stop by Blue Flamingo Studio, the kimono selection is always to die for! This  floral H&M kimono is under $25 and lined, which is perfect for chilly spring evenings.  Both of these Target options are under $30, and I can’t decide if I  love this  geometric pattern or the mandala style of this one more! A good kimono is a closet staple and can dress up anything from jeans or shorts and a tee to a dress.  Mixing patterns with stripes is also always a fabulous plan! Which leads me to…


This top couldn’t me more ‘in’. It’s striped AND knotted–two of the biggest things on the market right now! So stylish, in fact, that it sold out within a matter of days.  Never fear–it will be restocked in April, so follow the lovely @shopblueflamingo on Instagram to snag yours ASAP!  If you’re like me and have no patience, this top  is almost identical, but is a bit of a splurge.  If you’re in search of a more budget conscious option, tie yourself a knot in this  Express top, and it’s pretty close to perfect!

I love a hat, and this one is my favorite.  The one downside to boutique shopping is that quantities are limited and I’m left finding you guys the next best option–which I hate.  However, boutique shopping is the easiest way to ensure you’re one of a kind(or at least few of a kind!).  This  similar hat from Banana Republic is currently on major sale– less than $40, so snatch it up while you can, guys.


I used to have this life plan where I believe that by 30 I was “too old” to wear cut-off jean shorts.  Ladies and gents, those days are long over–the closer I get to the big 3-0, the less and less I feel this ‘plan’ fits my life.  I simply can’t, at this point, imagine my life without this summer wardrobe staple. Target has this  pair, which are not too worn.  I also enjoy that they’re mid-rise and have a 4 inch inseam–I can’t handle booty shorts, y’all.  As always, H&M has this  great pair and is the most budget friendly, at just under $20.  If you’re a dark wash gal, check out another great pair here ,via Express.


Top it off with a statement necklace, and a little bubble gum and Voila!–you’ve a perfect boho-chic outfit tailored to those hot summer nights! What do you guys live in for the summer? Can’t wait to hear–thanks so much for reading!!




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