Menswear Love

Menswear Love


If I look half this fabulous when I rock menswear, I’ll die a happy lady.  Truth be told, Menswear is one of my absolute favorite styles and aspects of my own wardrobe to explore.  There isn’t a thing more classically chic than a men’s shirt, tailored pant and flat.


To add a little more modern of a spin, I wore torn black skinnies.  I actually made the pair I’m wearing, but I’ve previously listed this  amazing pair via Old Navy.  I also love this pair.  I’ve had this top for almost ten years and I still adore it.  It was a part of the Sarah Jessica Parker Bitten line, so you know it will always have a special place in my heart! If you’re not looking to raid your man’s closet(you;ll always find the best pieces there), I suggest you check out this  shirt from Gap or this  beauty via Express–both are beautiful!


These little babies are one of my favorite recent additions to my closet and Mr. Jay just hates them.  I had casually(ok, it wasn’t that discreet) mentioned multiple times how I’d bee lusting over the return of loafers and much to my dismay, I was met each time with the same response……”Those are old lady shoes.” In late February, fate stepped in.  Generally, my dude is with me on shopping adventures, thus his negative opinion had prevented a loafer purchase.  And then, i found myself in Target with my best friend directly in front of this pair of clearance loafers.  I’m never one to turn down cute shoes under $10, especially when I’ve been doing some mad lusting.  So, the “grannies” came home with me, and I’ve been loving them ever since! Since we’re headed into the warmer months, if you’re looking for a pair of your own, I suggest this  backless version.

Here’s a little more menswear inspiration for you guys!




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