Jumpsuit Chic

Jumpsuit Chic


I first encountered this beautiful garment when I was at the spring apparel market in Dallas for work, and it was love at first sight.  Not surprisingly, it was one item that we universally agreed on getting for the store, and I immediately began thinking of a place I could wear it!To be clear, I am not exactly certain what to call this delightful thing. I’ve seen it listed as everything from a jumpsuit to a “romper dress”(my personal favorite)!


As you’re reading this, we’re currently en route to a wedding and you guessed it–I’ll be donning this little number! A romper dress is truly the perfect ensemble for summer.  For a more formal occasion, such as this wedding, I’ll simply jazz it up with heels and bling.


These wedges are a personal favorite of mine, but if you’re not a wedge gal–these lace-up heeled sandals are must have.  Both pairs are under $40, which is always a win!


This specific romper dress is no longer available, but you’ll find a selection of others that I adore below.  This sweet thing will definitely be finding it’s way with me to Mexico, and I’m certain to find another occasion for it in between! Thanks so much for reading!



{1}  {2}   {3}  {4}  {5}

Click on the number to get the purchase details of each!

Happy Shopping!


One thought on “Jumpsuit Chic

  1. I am OBSESSED with this on you! I want to get one SO badly, but none of them seem to work right with my body type it feels like. Boo!


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