Friday Faves

Friday Faves


It’s safe to say that this delicious ice cream with sweet Auden was the highlight of my week!

The ’90s called.  They’re sending you a slip dress, and you should wear it! Seriously, guys–this return that I can definitely get behind.


NEEDING this  bikini for my Mexican vacation


Making my skin feel like a million with this  mask

These two keeping me on my toes, as usual…

What a fast week, y’all!   I got to spend some quality time with my beast friend Kristen and her sweet daughter Auden, and it was a blast!  This week we’ve also enjoyed testing out Mr. Jay’s new camera, as he prepares to begin shooting the short film he wrote(proud girlfriend moment)!  In my hunt for the perfect things to pack for Mexico, I encountered the above dress and swimsuit that I feel I really can’t get on the plane without. They’re both under $30, so they definitely make the cut.   And y’all, this mask–I picked it up on a whim and it’s to die for! I’ll be enjoying another round of it tonight at girls’ night.

How’s your week been?? I’d love to hear!




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