Love Day Styles, Part 2

Love Day Styles, Part 2



The hour is almost upon us, but I wanted to share another Valentine’s inspired look with y’all before it’s too late! This one is a bit more casual than the previous installment, and if your plans for the big day look anything like ours, this is more along the line! Since Valentine’s falls on a Tuesday this year, Mr. Jay and I decided to go with the old, tried and true dinner and a movie.  As in, we’re making dinner and probably watching an old movie from the comfort of our sofa! I’ll want to watch something lovey and I’m sure his list won’t include any of that, so y’all wish me luck!

I’ve had this exact skirt for closing in on eight years now, and I truly love it. I found it in a Banana Republic outlet and paid $4, FOUR DOLLARS! Can you believe it?? It’s been through several rounds of alterations, thanks to my mother and grandmother, so the fit is exactly perfect for me(perks of a seamstress family, right?!).   The only downside is the fact that it’s wool and for those readers who aren’t in Texas, there aren’t a lot of chances to wear wool here….Now that we’ve experienced the skirt origin, it goes without saying that this exact one if probably going to be a thrift store random find for anyone who happens to find it.  This  pretty little number from J.Crew is a more than acceptable replacement, though AND it’s currently 30% off!


Don’t mind that crazy hair on my Hagrid head…. This beautiful blush sweater was a Christmas gift and although I talked myself into buying pink, I have to admit that I LOOOOOVE wearing this color. Bonus! for those of you who were digging this color in fall, it’s totally making the transition to Spring 2017, so keep rockin’ it!! Unfortunately, this color is no longer in stock, but I’m also loving this option, and the back detail on this one is to die for! If you’re in the market for a spectacular deal, this beautiful pink sweater is under $10!


Went out on a limb, with a crazy idea that these beautiful burgundy heels might be magic with blush pink and I AM IN LOVE with this combination.  These burgundy pumps are life y’all, but for those who aren’t all about that heel life, I’m also diggin’ these wedge booties and this pair of precious flats.


I mentioned in the last Valentine’s post about how much fun it was to shoot with Mr. Jay, y’all he’s such a goof! He made it a wonderful experience. This casual night out look is one of my favorites on him and so simple to re-create for most dudes.  The classic white oxford is a closet staple, so most men already have it, but for a point of reference, this is the one he’s wearing.  Dark denim is a go-to for a polished, but casual guy’s look.


This particular jean is from Express, but really, this look can be pulled off with most dark denim.  My only suggestion in the way of men’s jeans is slim fit, y’all. Slim fit all the way–the tailored silhouette keeps your guy from looking too baggy. You know, like a dad.  These glasses are probably the Christmas gift he’s love d the most, and spoiler– they’re under $20! I’ve always loved this tie and it was the perfect match for those killer heels I was wearing.  It’s also currently 30% off! Guys, I couldn’t believe it when I came home and Mr. Jay had decided to purchase these pretty white kicks–I love them! They’re so easy to dress up or down and perfect for summer and spring.


What’re you guys planning to do with you love on V-Day?? Thanks so much for stopping by!




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