An Ode to Olive

An Ode to Olive


In case anyone missed the boat, olive green is/was THE color for fall and winter.  Y’all, I’m obsessed with it.  I recently posted about the pot of gold at the end of my search for a military jacket here.  I also picked up a basic pocket tee that same day…..also in olive and I have to admit, it was not a mistake! I have been living in these two pieces and have linked similar jackets in the previous post, since mine is sadly sold out.


The great thing about this pocket tee is it works perfectly as a layering piece.  Under flannel? Yes.  Under Denim? Yes.  By itself? Duh! Seriously you guys, I’d wear it under all of the shirts above! You really cannot go wrong, and since this color is so hot right now, it is available in every store.  The one I picked up is from JC Penney, but Old Navy, Target and H&M all have great versions, so shop around and find the best fit for you!  I’m also digging it for spring and summer with blush accents or all on it’s own.


I recently went to Apparel Market in Dallas with my job and wore this outfit and y’all–it was the best.  I was so comfortable all day.  I remember a time when I thought it looked dorky to tie a shirt around my waist and I currently couldn’t disagree more. This outfit was great with shirt on or tied!

Are you guys buying in to the current olive obsession? I’d love to hear how you’re styling it!




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