Military Jacket Love

Military Jacket Love


For the last few months, (since like October–let’s be real) I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect military jacket for me.  Y’all, the heavens opened up, and I found this little beauty over the weekend.  I’m delighted, to say the least.  In celebration, I spent the last few days daydreaming about all of the outfit ideas I’ve collected in the past months of my search.  Thus, this post will differ in the fact that it won’t include an array of photos of me modeling all of the outfits I’m discussing.  Adding to the delight of locating this jacket of dreams, I also found a buffalo plaid shirt at Wal-Mart, of all places on sale for $5. Seriously y’all, it was my weekend.


While, making my way to purchase the amazing jacket that will most definitely live up to all this hype, I found a great pair of skinnies for under $30. Yet another feat for me, guys.  I struggle to find pants that are perfect for me.  Often I find jeans that work in the waist and sag in the rear, or mold perfectly to my hips and thighs, but make me feel like that muffin top is poppin’.  I have bigger legs and a very long torso, so if you identify with that–these are the pants for you.

I LOVE the way buffalo check and army green work together(creds to my friend Jessica for pointing out this great combo!). Y’all know about my love affair with these cutout booties(seriously my fave).  They’ve previously been mostly unavailable to those of you who don’t live near me, but I’m happy to report that the boutique they’re from is setting up shop online! Give the lady a follow @shopdanielco on Instagram, she’s got some great goods! This look also works great with boots for a more rustic outdoor look.  I love adding a ball cap and converse(red or black are my preference), as well!


Without further ado, this is the jacket I snagged from JCPenney.  I’d advise you to hit up your local Walmart and scope out their men’s flannel sale–it’s amaze.  But if you’re not feeling like leaving the house, you can snag this one online.

One of my all time favorite wardrobe staples is a black and white striped tee, or in this case–cream and black.  It’s a great base layer and works well for pattern mixing(another fave!).  I’ve had my go to striped tee for years, but my favorite boutique  just stocked one, and it is identical! This military jacket looks stellar with a simple striped tee and black skinnies.  The real beauty of this outfit is you can throw on a pair of sneakers, for a day look, and switch to your favorite booties for a bit of a fancier night rendition! Seriously y’all, so versatile.


Spring and Fall tend to be the trickiest wardrobe months for me.  I get cold quite easily, so I have a somewhat difficult time dressing for warmer days, and chilly evenings.  Military jacket to the rescue! I have an absolute favorite navy jersey dress that I picked up randomly at Walmart years ago.  I’ll cry the day it meets its end.  I think it would be great with booties and this jacket! You could also pair it with almost any neutral basic knit dress.

What trend have you guys been loving on/stalking?? I’d love to hear about them and where you found them!


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