Cozy Athliesure

Cozy Athliesure


Y’all, I won’t lie–these comfy layers have been on repeat since I snagged both the vest and the fleece pullover at JCPenney’s bomb Thanksgiving sale! Weekend casual threads like these are secretly my fave.  I instantly fell in love with this vest.  I’m currently obsessed with this color and buying everything I can find in it!  I found it at Penney’s sale, and it’s since sold out, but the plus size version is still available here.  This one is from Target and I’m really digging it.


Originally, I purchased these shoes for a previous job.  They are literally the most comfortable shoes I own, and they’re cute.  As you can imagine, I live in them!  Nike has apparently stopped making this exact pair(my heart is broken).  However, the exact title of these little babies is “Nike Women’s Cortez ultra BR”….feel free to scour the internet for a pair! I’ve recently seen them listed on Poshmark which makes me hopeful that they’re still available somewhere. This pair is about as close as I could find on Nike’s website.   I’ve previously raved about this pair of Nikes that I also own and adore.  I frequently wear them with variations of this outfit, as well.


This beanie was purchased years ago on a winter vacation with friends, and it is still a go-to.  I’m really digging the CC beanies that are huge right now.  If you’re in Stephenville, pop by The Blue Flamingo–I’ll be there and we have these cute guys in stock! If not, you can find them here.


As for the other layers, I typically wear these leggings.  I also love this fleece lined pair for extra cold days!  This striped shirt has been with me for years and is well-loved.  I’ve found similar ones here and here.  This pullover is a replacement for my favorite North Face that I’ve somehow misplaced.  If you’re feeling like a splurge, this one is worth it.  If not, here’s my dupe from Penney’s.

Have you guys tried the athliesure trend? What did you think?




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