TREND ALERT: Sleeveless Sweaters

TREND ALERT: Sleeveless Sweaters


 I’ll confess that I’ve been in love with sleeveless sweaters since I first encountered this little beauty about a year ago.  This has been my go-to look for those ridiculous Texas days where the weather just can’t decide if it’s winter or spring, and I’m happy to share it with you guys today!


Leather leggings, who doesn’t just LOVE them?? They work for everyone, are fashionable and edgy and bonus–you can easily dress them up or down! I’m certainly not a person who subscribes to the idea that leggings aren’t pants–y’all, I live in them.  While this exact pair came from a boutique a few years ago, I love this pair from Target and was excited to see they have a plus size version of the exact same pair here!


You guys know I love a good sale and one of my secret tricks is the Target clearance rack.  I swear, I have found most of my favorite staples there, and this cozy sweater was one! It’s a great layering piece that I love dressing up with these sexy leggings. It also looks bomb with a pair of dark wash skinnies! Unfortunately it’s been a long time since I’ve picked this sweater up, but I’m also loving this one on clearance at Target.  I’m not usually a Kohl’s shopper, but my mom and I went pre-Christmas, and guys–I found so many pieces I loved! This sweater is on major sale there and would be great to recreate this look! This one is also at the top of my list, come in three great colors,  AND is currently half off!


You know, I never play favorites with my shoes, but this pair is tried and true!  You saw me rave about them in my very first outfit post here.  I’m a girl who loves a pointy toe, and I don’t think they’re ever not in style, so to me this is a great pair to invest in.  This pair is awesome with a great price. If you’re looking to splurge a bit, I recommend these!

Are you guys loving these trends as much as me?? I’d love to hear what you’re currently drooling over!




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