Gifts for Him

Gifts for Him

Is it just me, or are men really hard to shop for?  We all know those people who you can’t find a gift for because they buy everything they want, but aren’t they all men? I have it extra hard with my lover boy, as his birthday is literally one week before Christmas.  Luckily, I’ve compiled a list just in the nick of time to help you find the perfect thing for all of those pesky gents who make Christmas shopping a little harder! Hopefully this is one post Mr. Jay won’t really read, because he’s probably going to get most of these items.

Let’s start with amping up a man’s bar collection.  I’m loving the copper trend that started with the rose of the Moscow Mule(which I also love!).  This set is by far my favorite with it’s combination of copper and stainless, and it’s only $20 AND available with Prime shipping! I’m also digging this set and this one.  We’re big fans of Tito’s Vodka in this house, so I’ll always recommend it.  It’s made in Austin, so any of you Texas folks will find it readily available in most liquor stores.  Mr. Jay is becoming quite the whiskey man, so he was my go to for suggestions for you guys! He recommends 1792 Bourbon which we’ve been able to find at both Spec’s and Total wine!

If the guy on your list is all about comfort, you’re in luck! These slippers  are extra cozy(I tried them myself!), and will keep his feet nice an toasty! This hoodie  is available in three colors and great for at home or on the go, as are these joggers that Mr. Jay swears by!

Mad Max Fury Road was one of my favorite films that come out last year.  This year, it’s been released with a special black and white cut of the film, just in time for Christmas!  Trust me, if your guy likes action flicks, he will   L-O-V-E this one!

The pea coat has a rich & rugged history that goes back to European sailors of the 18th century. This black seaman's jacket is a sharp, modern classic. Via H&M.:

This great men’s coat is currently on major sale($30!) and always in style. I’d pair it with these sunglasses ( also a classic–hello, JFK), and this great scarf . While you’re splurging a bit on the glasses, this scarf is $5 y’all–$5!

All men like football, right? I know we’re in the minority in Texas loving this Pat’s hat, but rest assured the NFL Shop has them for all teams! I’ve also included this more “dad friendly” Cowboys cap that’s only $25!

Rounding out my ultimate men’s gift guide are three go-tos for any man on your list! This shave kit will give him that barber shop shave they all love. This travel mug from my beloved Starbucks will keep his coffee toasty ALL day.  Seriously, I used to think the more expensive mugs couldn’t possibly be worth it, until I got one–y’all the heavens opened up! What man doesn’t need a replacement for that ratty bag you wish he’d stop packing his goods in when you travel? This weekender is beautiful, spacious and bonus–you can use it, too!


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