Not Your Grandfather’s Corduroy

Not Your Grandfather’s Corduroy


I’ve always been a fan of corduroy. Is it wrong that I kind of want a time machine, so I can travel back and steal these pants off Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy?

Image result for carolyn bessette corduroy pant

I guess I’ll just have to wait around for them to come back ‘in’.


This fabric has always screamed fall to me, and man, do I love fall. I’m seeing many variations of this skirt in stores everywhere this season, which makes my heart oh, so happy! I settled on this particular model mostly for two reasons. Color and price. These two little details drive a number of my purchases, and I’m sure they’re factors in yours as well. This sweet little deal comes in right at $20, but unfortunately doesn’t come in any other colors. I have linked some similar options for those who just can’t love the burgundy! A good A-Line skirt will never do you wrong, and is perfect for fall.  Throw a pair of tights under and some boots on and you’ll look like a million!


You’ll also never hear me complain about the ultra-chic, classic black turtle neck. It’s always been a style staple for me.  Seriously, my mother used to have to give me one for Christmas almost every year, because I practically lived in them. I know some of you are thinking that you love the look, but those little babies are just too damn hot for you. That’s where this one comes in to play.  It’s made of a crazy lightweight fabric(95% rayon), so you don’t feel like your suffocating. Or, if you’re like me, you can wear it with three other layers because you’re always freezing!


I snagged these boots, which are one of my favorite pairs of all time, a couple of years ago on Black Friday. They have totally been worth the madness. I wear them with dresses, skirts, leggings, and skinnies. You name it, these boots have probably been there. This pair is the exact same price, and so similar that I’m seriously considering picking up a pair for when I inevitably wear the others out!


Every time I wear this necklace, which is A LOT, I get compliments.  I found it a little boutique years ago, but it has become a staple in my wardrobe–tried and true.  This is the closest I’ve ever seen to it, so for all of you ladies who have wanted to steal it–here’s a great option to satiate your desire!

Do you guys love a good turtleneck and corduroy? I’d love to hear!



Not Your Grandfather’s

Chinese Laundry Unforgettable Over The Knee Boot

Loving these, too!

Coltic- Polarized Wayfarer Sunglasses - Black Frame with Black Lens

Live in these…



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