Fall Wedding Guest Chic

Fall Wedding Guest Chic


It’s officially been fall for about a month according to the calendar, but only within the last couple of days has it really felt that way here.  I’m sure it will rebound to the mid 80s within the next week.  The crazy temperatures we Texans are accustomed to make wardrobe planning a tad on the tricky side once the seasons begin to change.  Although most people consider June to be “Wedding Season,” there are often a number of nuptials between September and November as well.

We had the privilege of attending the wedding of some good friends of ours a few weeks ago.  Mr. Jay was a groomsman, which to me meant an absolute blank canvas in terms of outfits–no one to match! That said, with great freedom comes great responsibility.  Usually, I have a pretty clear idea of what I want to wear, but this time around, I went back and forth for weeks.  After seeing a number of cute dresses posted from one particular site, I decided I should give it a shot! Ladies, if you’ve never been to http://www.shein.com, do yourself a favor and check it out – right now, if possible.  This site offers great prices, quality items, and wait for it—FREE SHIPPING with no minimum purchase. Nirvana,y’all.



Although I initially intended to steer clear of adding even more black to my closet, I knew this dress was the one, especially with a price tag of under $20! Other than hitting the price jackpot, I was drawn to the versatility of this dress.  As previously stated, I was a bit concerned about the weather.  This dress provides sleeves that look great long, or bunched a bit on the forearm, which was ideal for the end of September in Texas. The fabric is a combination of polyester and spandex, which is great for keeping you toasty in a chill, but which can be too much in warmer temps.  The balance, for me, was in the length–short dresses are cooler.  This combination was excellent for the warmer day/cooler night with which we ended up!


I picked up these delightful gray booties earlier this year on clearance at my beloved Target.  It should be noted that because I tend to shop sales and clearance, linking the exact items may prove challenging, if not impossible at times.  That said, whenever exact isn’t possible, I will do my best to link options that are quite similar in both aesthetics and price! The handbag is also a Target clearance snag, but below I’ve linked similar options to both.


We had a great time at the wedding, and an awesome brunch with friends the next day!  If you ever find yourself in Dripping Springs, TX, be sure to stop in at Crepe Crazy; it was delicious.

Thanks so much for reading!



The Perfect LBD


LOVING this bag

Linear Geo Fringe Earrings

GeoTassel Earrings

Coils on Coils


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