Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites


A little vacation is good for the soul, and you guys–it’s just what the girl needed! I hope you’ve all been well, while I’ve been on hiatus!! What better way to welcome back JChic from vacation that with a special edition of Friday Favorites? Since I’ve been out for close to a month(eek!), I’m including  a few extra things I’ve recently been loving.  Without further ado…


I kicked off my little break by watching this doll graduate from Texas Tech! The photo isn’t a good one, and we somehow made it without taking a cap an gown photo, but I couldn’t be more proud of Devyn’s hard work!

Then, this stud snagged a great internship with Austin Film Society. If you’re a lover of movies, see what it’s all about .

Devyn and I spent five sun-kissed and beautiful days in Playa del Carmen, and saying we didn’t want to come home is only a slight understatement…..


Since we’re now a distance love, I’ve been soaking up all the weekend dates with this amazing dude that I can!


Naturally, our first date when I returned was to see Wonder Woman…..and it was spectacular! DC can still make a good film– this is the proof we’ve been waiting for! I literally cannot wait to see it, again.


I’m currently searching drugstores high and low for this amazing color via Essie.  Sil Vous Play–how fun is that name?! If you’re not a nut like me, and totally down with ordering polish online, you can get this one here.


I’ve been L-I-V-I-N’ in this shirt, and I’m not even mad about it.  Mr. Jay says I’ve gone full cat lady…..

Image result for mystic divine creations curl creme

AND by popular demand(ok, really only my sweet friend Morgan has been asking, but….) Y’all, I cannot live with this crazy curly mane with out this jazz! it saves. my. life! If you’ve been searching for frizz-fighting curl magic, snag it here.

Cheers to the weekend, hope everyone has a blast!



The Triumphant Return of the One Piece

The Triumphant Return of the One Piece

I know what you’re all thinking, ‘There’s just no way a one piece can look cool or good or flattering or make you not feel old and out-dated’.  I’m here to tell you that’s simply not the case.  2017 is shaping up to be the year the one piece makes a comeback, and I’m not the least bit upset about it….and after this post, you won’t be either.

So everyone can see just how versatile and awesome a one piece can truly be, I’ve rounded up my very favorites of this season.  As well as a few tried and true numbers for those haters of swimsuits out there who feel like they don’t ever look great at the beach–girls, I’ve got you covered!

This gorgeous off-the-shoulder suit is so flattering! Straps can be worn on or off the shoulder. - Top ruffle along bodice - Black one piece - Lined in front - Removable soft cups - 82% RAYON 18% SPAN

Ruffles and off the shoulder–could this  suit be any more this season? Combining some great trend in classic black with a $40 price tag, buy and buy it now!

Women's Mesh Inset One Piece - Mossimo™

Another great black suit with a hint of mesh cutouts makes me oh so happy, y’all!  This one is from Target and also $40, which makes the look just a little bit sweeter.

$14.99 Off The Shoulder Flounced One-Piece Swimwear - WHITE S

A one piece that’s this cute for $15? What a steal.  I’m a big fan of white swimwear(I know, not everyone is), but in case you’re loving this adorable ruffle but can’t handle white–it’s also available in black!

Optimize your tanning potential with this sleek baywatch inspired green palm…

In a previous post, I carried on about palm print and my love for it.  For those of you who aren’t the biggest fan of bikinis, here’s a little palm for you! This suit is a little more pricey, but well worth it!

This is the one piece my dreams are made of, y’all.  I’m currently about to order it via Old Navy because I just can’t imagine my vacation without it! At a little under $45, it’s still pretty budget conscious and effortlessly stylish.

Marilyn Monroe Women's Scalloped High-Neck Halter One-Piece Swimsuit

If you’re loving this spring’s blush trend as much as I am then this sweet suit is sure to be at the top of your list.  I found it on!) for under $30, so snatch it up before it sells out!

Are you guys diggin’ the return of the one piece as much as I am? I’d love to hear about the great suits y’all have found! Thanks so much for reading!



Teeny Bikini Selecting

Teeny Bikini Selecting

Swimsuit season is rapidly approaching and with my trip to Mexico also on the horizon, I’ve been doing a little bikini shopping.  It’s important to note that as I’m telling you guys about the cutest little two pieces I can’t wait to squeeze into, I’m also devouring the remaining bits of Halo Top Peanut Butter ice cream from our freezer…bikini bod prep is strong over here.

Of course I’ve fallen in love with so many suits while looking for the perfect one two-ish for my trip.  So, instead of spending too much on all of these suits, I’m going to share my top 5 with y’all!

$11.99 Wireless Scalloped One Shoulder Bikini ORANGE RED: Bikinis | ZAFUL

Why not start with my very favorite, right?  I’ve been lusting over this  adorable suit for months now and it’s definitely making the cut for Mexico.  It comes in four great colors, and is currently on sale for under $15.  Yes, under $15 for the entire suit–I kid you not.  the only downside I’ve encountered is that it runs small, so sizing up is suggested.

The hunt for a perfect palm bikini has taken me years, guys.  I found one a couple of summers ago, and regrettably waited too long to order, and it was never restocked.  I will not be making the same mistake here.  This one via SheIn is giving me all the heart eyes and is also currently on sale for under$15 for the whole suit.  How lucky is that??

Women's Bikini Bottom - Xhilaration™

This combination via Target has been my go-to for the past couple of years.  Seriously y’all, I have lived in it.  The top is just under $20 and comes in nine different colors,  while the bottoms are $15. with four color options.  A good mix and match set is always classic and in style.


Navy is black’s overlooked pretty little sister, you guys.  Everyone looks good in black right? Well, I’m here to tell you that everyone also looks great in navy.  This suit also from SheIn is perfect for your vacation from Bali to Malibu and everywhere in between.

 Mesh High-Neck Halter Top

No swimsuit list would be complete with out a Victoria’s Secret splurge suit.  I LOVE the mesh detail on this top, y’all. So 90’s and still so cute.  Don’t you think Cher Horowitz would just die for this one? So would this 90’s girl, and it’s secretly chilling in my cart along with these to die for bottoms. Should I get them?? As if!

Tune in a little later on for my Mexico outfits round up to see which suits made the cut!

Thanks for reading!



Friday Faves

Friday Faves

Are we seriously knocking on the door of the last weekend in April?! The weeks just keep flying by and getting better with each passing day.  After a busy past few weekends, I’m looking forward to a little downtime and hang with my man and crazy Cornelius–he’s equally thrilled, as seen below….

You guys know how much we LOVE seeing the Fathom special viewings of classic films each month and this month we were treated to two!  Having already seen North by Northwest earlier in April, we were so excited to also get to see The Graduate this week! Mr. Jay had seen it a couple of times before, but I never had.  You guys–I loved it! I couldn’t believe it’s 50! If you’re looking for a laugh this weekend, the movie is available for rental on Amazon for $2.99. Here’s hoping we all look like Anne Bancroft in a few years!


Over last weekend, we snagged this delicious coffee via World Market. I had $10 in Explorer Rewards, so we decided to gamble and try the Moka Java Blend, mostly because it was on sale.  It’s so good, y’all–it will definitely we purchased at full price when this round runs out!


Somehow I managed to score two $10 shopper rewards in one weekend–what a lucky lady, right? The second was to JCPenney, where I’d been eyeing the cutest shorts for a couple of weeks.  They’re so comfortable! Keep your eyes peeled for an outfit post coming soon.

a.n.a 3.5” Twill Short

I’ve been living in this adorable sweatshirt via Old Navy.  I picked it up for vacation airport wear, but I just couldn’t wait that long! It’s been great with shorts for those sneaky Spring days with a bit of a chill.

This little guy has been making my car smell like heaven for the past week and I can’t get enough. It’s the perfect spring scent.  If you’re looking for somehting to freshen up you closet, car, classroom, etc. these little sachets from Bridgewater Candle Company will be your new best friend.

What did you guys enjoy this week? I’d love to hear about it!

Thanks for stopping in!



The Little Yellow Dress

The Little Yellow Dress


In truth, I’ve never been a big fan of yellow.  As I’m certain you’ve all noticed, some variation of yellow has been the ‘it’ color for the past few seasons, and I have not been on board……until this dress. Also, the angle of my hat in this shot makes me feel like Carmen SanDiego–score!


This dress from Old Navy is to die for, guys.  It’s a linen blend which is perfect for those sultry summer days and nights.  I’ve recently started to gather items for my trip to Mexico in May and this sweet dress jumped straight to the top.


This hat was my first purchase for Mexico and I cannot stop wearing it, even though the trip is over a month away! Mr. Jay’s dad has a go-to Panama that I love, so he inspired me to get one of my own. This exact hat is under $20, and is SPF 50–I’m all about protecting my face from sun damage! I’m loving the added boho feel of a pair of jute espadrilles like this great pair from Target!

What colors are y’all loving for Spring/Summer? I’d love to hear about your favorites–I can always use a little extra inspiration! Thanks for reading and Happy Saturday!



Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Hello world! Please excuse my recent absence, you guys know the drill–life, am I right?? There’s no better way to jump back in than a round of Friday Favorites, so here are the top five things I’ve been loving from the past three weeks! (Yikes! I hate being away from y’all for that long😑)

I’ve mentioned to y’all previously that one of mine and Mr. Jay’s favorite things is to see the classic shown by TCM in theaters each month. This month was the Hitchcock great North by Northwest and you guys–it did NOT disappoint! Surprisingly, this was my first time to see this film and I’m so happy it was on the big screen. If you’ve never treated yourself to this dose of Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint, do so ASAP! 
This little baby came in the mail and motivated me to start compiling summer worthy pieces for my upcoming girls’ trip to Mexico! Stay tuned for future posts with buying details and sales scoops!

My work friend Sadi gave my the low-down on this site and we are addicted! Seriously guys, has the new healthy AND delicious recipes. In the past two weeks, we’ve tried the Swedish meatballs, scones and Mexican lasagna and devoured all of each. Can’t thank Sadi or the site creator Alyssia enough–check it out for your dinner tonight! 

Swingin’ Into Spring

Swingin’ Into Spring


Spring is in full swing, and I, for one, couldn’t be happier about it!  The rains were here this weekend, which is always nice. One of my favorites combinations for spring is a sweet little dress, topped with a sweater when evening hits.   It seems this spring’s answer to the winter olive trend is sage and y’all, I’m seeing it everywhere!


Throwing on a dress and heading out the door is the best part of a spring wardrobe–it’s so simple! This one was definitely my favorite for March–green is the color of the month, after all.  If you like a little more of a sleeve, I suggest this  darling dress.  This  dress via Forever 21 has the sweetest swing AND is under $15–you just can’t beat that! In terms of cut, this  is the closest to what I am actually wearing, but is sadly missing the embroidery.


Y’all, I love a good hat–in case you haven’t seen this over the past few posts. This awesome fedora was a target dollar aisle find and it was well worth the $3!  Spring and summer are my favorite times to shop the Target bargain section, so keep an eye out for great steals like this one.  I do also love both this  hat from H&M and this  one from Target.  They’re relatively cheap, as well.  Just throw on a light sweater or even a denim jacket and your look is complete!

We had a bit of a La La Land moment with these light posts–how could I not take advantage?? Happy Monday guys–thanks for stopping by!



Boho Vibes{or the sub-title of my life}

Boho Vibes{or the sub-title of my life}

Y’all, I am a free spirit. Not in the weird way that a lot of people my age are, where they are into certain things that are trendy, or in the gross way where I don’t shower(30 minute showers are my forte).  I suppose the modern term is ‘hipster” and believe me, Mr. Jay and I get that allll the time.  Simply put, I don’t see myself as a hipster because to me, hipsters only care about doing something or wearing something because someone else will see them doing it. That just isn’t me{or us}.  All of the classics books I read, and oddball science-fiction we watch and quirky cafes or restaurants?? We genuinely love them.  I care too much about the clothing I wear to be a hippy, and I’ve always really identified as a more of a Beat. All of that said, it comes as no surprise that I love a good Boho look.  “Festival Wear” is the current term, and my parents still say ‘hippie clothes”, but after around a decade of various themed outfits–I’d say it’s pretty normal for me.


Ok, maybe the Topo Chico is a little bit hipster….

The kimono trend has been going strong for a few years now, and I, for one, am over the moon about it.  This exact kimono has been with me for about two years, so it’s likely only available from the deep reaches of EBay.  The good news is that I’ve found several other options(all currently hanging out in my own online cart) AND if you’re in or around the Stephenville are–stop by Blue Flamingo Studio, the kimono selection is always to die for! This  floral H&M kimono is under $25 and lined, which is perfect for chilly spring evenings.  Both of these Target options are under $30, and I can’t decide if I  love this  geometric pattern or the mandala style of this one more! A good kimono is a closet staple and can dress up anything from jeans or shorts and a tee to a dress.  Mixing patterns with stripes is also always a fabulous plan! Which leads me to…


This top couldn’t me more ‘in’. It’s striped AND knotted–two of the biggest things on the market right now! So stylish, in fact, that it sold out within a matter of days.  Never fear–it will be restocked in April, so follow the lovely @shopblueflamingo on Instagram to snag yours ASAP!  If you’re like me and have no patience, this top  is almost identical, but is a bit of a splurge.  If you’re in search of a more budget conscious option, tie yourself a knot in this  Express top, and it’s pretty close to perfect!

I love a hat, and this one is my favorite.  The one downside to boutique shopping is that quantities are limited and I’m left finding you guys the next best option–which I hate.  However, boutique shopping is the easiest way to ensure you’re one of a kind(or at least few of a kind!).  This  similar hat from Banana Republic is currently on major sale– less than $40, so snatch it up while you can, guys.


I used to have this life plan where I believe that by 30 I was “too old” to wear cut-off jean shorts.  Ladies and gents, those days are long over–the closer I get to the big 3-0, the less and less I feel this ‘plan’ fits my life.  I simply can’t, at this point, imagine my life without this summer wardrobe staple. Target has this  pair, which are not too worn.  I also enjoy that they’re mid-rise and have a 4 inch inseam–I can’t handle booty shorts, y’all.  As always, H&M has this  great pair and is the most budget friendly, at just under $20.  If you’re a dark wash gal, check out another great pair here ,via Express.


Top it off with a statement necklace, and a little bubble gum and Voila!–you’ve a perfect boho-chic outfit tailored to those hot summer nights! What do you guys live in for the summer? Can’t wait to hear–thanks so much for reading!!



Menswear Love

Menswear Love


If I look half this fabulous when I rock menswear, I’ll die a happy lady.  Truth be told, Menswear is one of my absolute favorite styles and aspects of my own wardrobe to explore.  There isn’t a thing more classically chic than a men’s shirt, tailored pant and flat.


To add a little more modern of a spin, I wore torn black skinnies.  I actually made the pair I’m wearing, but I’ve previously listed this  amazing pair via Old Navy.  I also love this pair.  I’ve had this top for almost ten years and I still adore it.  It was a part of the Sarah Jessica Parker Bitten line, so you know it will always have a special place in my heart! If you’re not looking to raid your man’s closet(you;ll always find the best pieces there), I suggest you check out this  shirt from Gap or this  beauty via Express–both are beautiful!


These little babies are one of my favorite recent additions to my closet and Mr. Jay just hates them.  I had casually(ok, it wasn’t that discreet) mentioned multiple times how I’d bee lusting over the return of loafers and much to my dismay, I was met each time with the same response……”Those are old lady shoes.” In late February, fate stepped in.  Generally, my dude is with me on shopping adventures, thus his negative opinion had prevented a loafer purchase.  And then, i found myself in Target with my best friend directly in front of this pair of clearance loafers.  I’m never one to turn down cute shoes under $10, especially when I’ve been doing some mad lusting.  So, the “grannies” came home with me, and I’ve been loving them ever since! Since we’re headed into the warmer months, if you’re looking for a pair of your own, I suggest this  backless version.

Here’s a little more menswear inspiration for you guys!



Jumpsuit Chic

Jumpsuit Chic


I first encountered this beautiful garment when I was at the spring apparel market in Dallas for work, and it was love at first sight.  Not surprisingly, it was one item that we universally agreed on getting for the store, and I immediately began thinking of a place I could wear it!To be clear, I am not exactly certain what to call this delightful thing. I’ve seen it listed as everything from a jumpsuit to a “romper dress”(my personal favorite)!


As you’re reading this, we’re currently en route to a wedding and you guessed it–I’ll be donning this little number! A romper dress is truly the perfect ensemble for summer.  For a more formal occasion, such as this wedding, I’ll simply jazz it up with heels and bling.


These wedges are a personal favorite of mine, but if you’re not a wedge gal–these lace-up heeled sandals are must have.  Both pairs are under $40, which is always a win!


This specific romper dress is no longer available, but you’ll find a selection of others that I adore below.  This sweet thing will definitely be finding it’s way with me to Mexico, and I’m certain to find another occasion for it in between! Thanks so much for reading!



{1}  {2}   {3}  {4}  {5}

Click on the number to get the purchase details of each!

Happy Shopping!